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New concept 2023: Momentos de Musica Javea


New beginnings

Wij hebben van vele muziekliefhebbers begrepen dat zij uitkeken naar de restart van Momentos de Musica na enkele jaren coronablokkade. Velen hebben genoten van de concerten op 10 februari van Duo Black&White Keys (piano & marimba) en op 1 en 2 april van Trio Rodin (viool, cello, piano)  in Villa “El Nido”. 

De nieuwe formule is uitgekristalliseerd: op zaterdag middag en op zondagmiddag steeds 1 huiskamer concert met slechts ca. 35 gasten in de ruime patio van villa “El Nido” in Javea. Beide concerten dezelfde formule met open bar gedurende de inloop, pauze en meet & greet. Catering en ondersteunende bediening verzorgen een soepje in de pauze en een vers gemaakt hapje tijdens de meet & greet. 

De muziek is zaterdag en zondag hetzelfde, evenals, -conform de traditie sinds 2014 van Momentos de Musica-, de muziek steeds door getalenteerde professionele musici wordt vertolkt.

U dient op de gebruikelijke wijze te reserveren na ontvangst van de mailing over het aanstaande concert. Geen betalingen per bank, maar uitsluitend contant bij entree. Uw reservering wordt direct automatisch (reply) bevestigd, check ook uw Spamfolder. Met uw reservering ontstaat een betalingsverplichting, ondanks annulering bent u niet van de betalingsverplichting ontheven; wel kunt u uw reservering overdragen aan derden.


We understood from many music lovers that they were looking forward to the restart of Momentos de Musica after several years of corona blockade. Many enjoyed the concerts on February 10 by Duo Black&White Keys (piano& marimba) and on April 1 and 2nd the Trio Rodin (violin, cello, piano) at Villa “El Nido.

The new formula has crystallized to: on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday afternoon always 1 living room concert with only about 35 guests in the spacious patio of villa “El Nido” in Javea. Both concerts the same formula with open bar during the walk-in, intermission and meet & greet. Catering and support staff provide a soup during intermission and a freshly made snack during the meet & greet.

The music is the same Saturday and Sunday, as well as, -according to the tradition since 2014 of Momentos de Musica-, the music is always performed by talented professional musicians.

You should make reservations in the usual way after receiving the mailing about the upcoming concert. No payments by bank, but only cash at entrance. Your reservation will be automatically (reply) confirmed immediately, also check your Spam folder. With your reservation creates an obligation to pay, despite cancellation you are not relieved of your
Despite cancellation you are not released from the payment obligation; however, you can transfer your reservation to a third party.

You must book in the usual way after receiving the mailing about the upcoming concert. No payments by bank, but cash at the entrance. Your reservation will be confirmed, which creates a payment obligation.

Trio Rodin

The Rodin Trio, one of the young groups with the most projection in the chamber music scene, was born in 2011 in the city of Utrecht (Holland) with the desire to forge a common project from three different personalities. Critically acclaimed for their expressive power and their communicative performances with the public, the Rodin Trio is unanimously awarded first prize in the “XI Montserrat Alavedra Chamber Music Contest” (Terrassa, Spain). In addition, they receive the prestigious “Storiani Festival Prijs” from the members of the Trio Storioni themselves, as well as the Audience Award at the “Who’s next?, International Competition”, both held in the Netherlands. On the other hand, they are also awarded in different national and international competitions. His repertoire covers a very extensive range of styles, from Classicism to the most current music. This interest in the music of our days has led them to be the recipients of several newly created works by young promises, premiering them thanks to the “Call for composers” project. In addition to receiving advice from great personalities, they have worked together with the Trio di Parma at the “Scuola Superiore Internazionale di musica da camera del Trio di Trieste” in Duino, Italy. Regarding its concert activity, the Rodin Trio has performed in some of the most prestigious auditoriums in Europe (“Concertgebouw” in Amsterdam, National Auditorium in Madrid, Palau de la Música in Barcelona and Valencia), and in the most recognized Festivals such as the “Grachtenfestival” (Amsterdam), “Monteleón Chamber Music Festival” (Spain), “Kilkenny Music Festival” (Ireland), “Gaudeamus Muziekweek” (Utrecht). His music has been broadcast by “Radio Nacional de España” (RNE), “Catalunya Música”, “Radio4” (Holland), “France Musique” (France), “WDR” (Germany), as well as by “RAI”. italian. His recording debut with the Italian label OnClassical (“Enrique Granados: Chamber music with piano”), has been a brilliant success with excellent reviews, receiving the Gold Medal at the “Global Music Awards” in the United States, as well as appearing among the 5 best record proposals of the year. It has also been selected by the record company “NAXOS” as one of the most attractive albums, and nominated for the “Enderrock Awards” for best Classical Music album. They have recently been selected as the only chamber music group within the prestigious “Circuitos FestClásica”.

The Latin term “memento” means “remembrance.” There are many Spanish composers who enjoy great fame and recognition, such as Albéniz, Falla, Granados, Turina,… But today we want to take a trip back in time to rediscover and remember other great composers who left a legacy of incalculable value, but who they were not lucky that their works endured over time. Enrique Granados, one of the best and most well-known Spanish composers of all time, wrote these Spanish Dances in his youth, and they constitute a great contribution to the Spanish nationalist music of the s. XIX. The Oriental is a slow dance full of lyricism where the left hand draws a heartfelt accompaniment, while the right sings the main melancholic melody. La Andaluza, the best known of all, has a certain flamenco atmosphere due to the fact that the left hand makes a kind of dotted pattern reminiscent of strumming the guitar. Granados composed his Piano trio op. 50 in 1895 after studying in Paris for several years. It is a work full of freshness, fantasy, purity and luminosity, with numerous elements of French influence. In the first movement, the imitative game between the three instruments and the wide and generous melodic lines stand out. The Scherzo breathes dance airs and plays with the pizzicatti of the strings and the staccatti of the piano, giving special relevance to the rhythmic content; in a second section, the air of popular music takes center stage with a brilliant imitation of the bagpipe’s snare, which precedes an interlude where the piano plays with a Moorish air that prepares a finale full of rhythm and sympathy. In contrast, the Duetto is the most intimate and sentimental part of the work, featuring a dialogue between violin and cello. Finally, the dance and the popular elements return to the score in a brilliant finale that demands a great understanding of the performers. Despite the fact that Trio No. 1 op. 3 is one of the first works by Lluís Benejam, it is a mature score, of considerable dimensions and great intensity. His long experience as a violinist in chamber and symphonic ensembles allowed him to start a career as a composer – now over 35 years old – without going through “youthful works”. The work is structured in four movements and presents an optimistic and romantic general character. Francesc Civil, a composer trained at the Escolania de Montserrat and at the prestigious “Schola Cantorum” in Paris, was a great figure in the field of sardanístic composition, but he also left us a great legacy in other genres. As a pianist, he was part of a trio for which he surely wrote this wonderful and captivating “Piano Trio” that we will listen to today. It is a work full of lyricism, poetry and beauty, although it is also full of enthusiasm and joy, especially in the last movement, a sardana.

Spanish original text:

El Trío Rodin, uno de los grupos jóvenes con más proyección en el panorama musical camerístico, nace en 2011 en la ciudad de Utrecht (Holanda) con el deseo de forjar un proyecto común a partir de tres personalidades distintas. Aclamados por la crítica por su fuerza expresiva y sus interpretaciones comunicativas con el público, el Trío Rodin es galardonado por unanimidad con el primer premio en el “XI Concurso de Música de Cámara Montserrat Alavedra” (Terrassa, España). Además, reciben de manos de los propios miembros del Trio Storioni el prestigioso “Storioni Festival Prijs”, así como el Premio del Público en el “Who´s next?, International Competition”, ambos celebrados en Holanda. Por otro lado, también son premiados en distintos certámenes nacionales e internacionales. Su repertorio abarca un abanico de estilos muy extenso, desde el Clasicismo hasta la música más actual. Este interés por la música de nuestros días les ha llevado a ser los destinatarios de varias obras de nueva creación por parte de jóvenes promesas, estrenándolas gracias al proyecto “Call for composers”. Además de recibir consejos de grandes personalidades, han trabajado junto al Trio di Parma en la “Scuola Superiore Internazionale di musica da camera del Trio di Trieste” en Duino, Italia. En cuanto a su actividad concertística, el Trío Rodin ha actuado en algunos de los auditorios más prestigiosos de Europa (“Concertgebouw” de Ámsterdam, Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Palau de la Música de Barcelona y Valencia), y en los Festivales más reconocidos como el “Grachtenfestival” (Ámsterdam), “Festival de Música de Cámara Monteleón” (España), “Festival de Música de Kilkenny” (Irlanda), “Gaudeamus Muziekweek” (Utrecht). Su música ha sido retransmitida por “Radio Nacional de España” (RNE), “Catalunya Música”, “Radio4” (Holanda), “France Musique” (Francia), “WDR” (Alemania), así como por la “RAI” italiana. Su debut discográfico con el sello italiano OnClassical (“Enrique Granados: Chamber music with piano”), ha tenido un éxito fulgurante con excelentes críticas, recibiendo la Medalla de Oro en los “Global Music Awards” de Estados Unidos, además de figurar entre las 5 mejores propuestas discográficas del año. También ha sido seleccionado por la casa discográfica “NAXOS” como uno de los discos más atractivos, y nominado a los “Premios Enderrock” como mejor disco de Música Clásica. Recientemente han sido seleccionados como único grupo de música de cámara dentro los prestigiosos “Circuitos FestClásica”.

El término latino “memento” significa “recuerdo”. Son muchos los compositores españoles que gozan de una gran fama y reconocimiento, como Albéniz, Falla, Granados, Turina,… Pero hoy queremos hacer un viaje al pasado para redescubrir y recordar otros grandes compositores que dejaron un legado de un valor incalculable, pero que no tuvieron la suerte de que sus obras perdurasen en el tiempo. Enrique Granados, uno de los mejores y más conocidos compositores españoles de todos los tiempos, escribió estas Danzas Españolas en su época de juventud, y constituyen una gran aportación a la música nacionalista española del s. XIX. La Oriental, es una danza lenta llena de lirismo donde la mano izquierda dibuja un sentido acompañamiento, mientras que la derecha entona la melancólica melodía principal. La Andaluza, la más conocida de todas, tiene cierto clima flamenco debido a que la mano izquierda hace una especie de punteado que recuerda el rasgueo de la guitarra. Granados compuso su Piano trio op. 50 en 1895 tras estudiar en París durante varios años. Es una obra llena de frescura, fantasía, pureza y luminosidad, con numerosos elementos de influencia francesa. En el primer movimiento destaca el juego imitativo entre los tres instrumentos y las líneas melódicas amplias y generosas. El Scherzo respira aires de danza y juega con los pizzicatti de la cuerda y los staccatti del piano dando especial relevancia al contenido rítmico; en una segunda sección, el aire de música popular toma protagonismo con una brillante imitación del bordón de la gaita, que precede a un interludio donde el piano juega con un aire morisco que prepara un final lleno de ritmo y simpatía. En contraste, el Duetto es la parte más íntima y sentimental de la obra, protagonizada por un diálogo entre el violín y el violonchelo. Finalmente, la danza y los elementos populares vuelven a la partitura en un final brillante que exige una gran compenetración de los intérpretes . A pesar de que el Trío nº 1 op. 3 es una de las primeras obras de Lluís Benejam, se trata de una partitura madura, de dimensiones considerables y de gran intensidad. Su larga experiencia como violinista en formaciones de cámara y sinfónicas le permitió comenzar una carrera como compositor -ya con más de 35 años – sin pasar por las «obras de juventud». La obra se estructura en cuatro movimientos y presenta un carácter general optimista y romántico. Francesc Civil, compositor formado en la Escolanía de Montserrat y en la prestigiosa “Schola Cantorum” de París, fue una gran figura en el campo de la composición sardanística, pero también nos dejó un gran legado en otros géneros. Como pianista, formó parte de un trío para el que seguramente escribió este maravilloso y cautivador “Trio con piano” que hoy escucharemos. Es una obra llena de lirismo, poesía y belleza, aunque también cargada de entusiasmo y alegría, sobretodo en el último movimiento, una sardana.

Momentos de Música presents: Wouter Harbers and The Bach Quartet

Momentos de Música is honored to introduce Wouter Harbers and The Bach Quartet at the 19th and 20th of November 2016. These five highly qualified Dutch musicians perform a varied program of Bach and Chopin. The performance might remind you of the the previous Momentos de Música event with Daniel Wayenberg & Martin Oeiwhere where they performed the second Piano Concert of Chopin and the second of Rachmaninov on two grand pianos.

Wouter Harbers.


Wouter Harbers is a sought-after pianist who has many successful private concert series and recorded his first solo album ‘Romance’ with L’Orchestra Particolare, in 2015. His mission is “to make piano music accessible to a wide audience.”

Wouter has a broad musical interest: apart from piano, he started playing the organ at young age, and when he was 19 years old he conducted Handel’s Messiah. Since 2005, he plays the piano and in 2008, during a CD recording and tour with Schubert’s Schwanengesang, he accompanied baritone Kees van Bochove on the wing. In 2011 he won the EMG competition as a pianist: after which he rapidly developed his career. He performed for 2000 adults in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, for 1800 adults in the Word Forum at The Hague and he performed for several ministers and the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. In 2013 he debuted on Radio and TV. He also performed several piano concerts with Orchestras (4th Beethoven’s and Chopin’s First).

His teachers were: Bernhard Principal Choral Conducting), Arend-Jan van de Kettelarij, Dick Sand Erman and Peter Eilander (organ). Wouter also attended master classes with Gerard de Wit and Wibi Soerjadi.

In addition to his appearances as a pianist, Wouter is an active choir accompanist and soloist, being a music director of two choirs (Vocal Emsamble Lobet den Herrn to Bode Questions and Kerkkoor Driebergen), a coach of the Thomas Ensamle in Zeist, a pianist in three churches, a jury member of the NPC competition and a piano teacher.

Upcoming season, a new CD recording of Chopin’s First Piano Concert is planned with the professional Ars Música Orchestra. As Ab Nieuwdorp, presenter Music at the table, ‘Radio 4’ stated: “… A new star in the firmament piano!”

The Bach Quartet

Robert Cekov


In the former Yugoslavia, Robert Cekov won the first and third prize in two state competitions for young violists. In 1989 he finished his conservatory studies in Novi Sad with Ilya Grubert. In the years of 1985-1990 he gave many recitals with piano accompaniment at various music festivals in Belgrade, Skopje and Novi Sad.  In 1996 he obtained a performing musician diploma under guidance of Olga Martinova at the Rotterdam Conservatory, the Netherlands. Since 1990 he works as the first violinist with tutti Dutch Ballet Orchestra (now Ballet Orchestra) in Amsterdam. He performs regularly as a soloist with the Orchestra Macedonish Philharmonic and plays chamber music with different ensembles. Cekov alos plays with the famous pianist Jan Mulder, who was concertmaster of the orchestra the Mulder Consort, Ichtus String Quartet, Holland Symfonia quintet. Furthermore, he plays regularly with world quartet Souvenir, and performs with several world music ensembles. Cekov worked as a soloist on numerous recordings including the piano album ‘Romance’ of pianist Wouter Harbers.

Joel Waterman 


Joel Waterman (violist) received his first violin lessons from his father and continued his violin studies with Coosje Wijzenbeek in Hilversum. At the age of sixteen, he switched to the viola, and studied with Marjolein Dispa at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2002. He also studied at the University of Bloomington, Indiana with Rostislav Dubinsky. In Bloomington he received the Kreisler Award.

Since 1995, Joel is a substitute with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and a guest leader at the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, the Radio Chamber Philharmonic and Amsterdam Sinfonietta. He is very active in chamber music, and has played with musicians such as Janine Jansen, Liza Ferschtman, Paolo Giacometti and Rian de Waal. Furthermore, he is co-founder of the ensemble Cameleon and since 2008 violist of the Utrecht String Quartet.

Evelien Prakke


Evelien Prakke studied with Dmitri Ferschtman in Amsterdam, and was a guest student in Bloomington together with Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi. During her studies she was a member of the EUYO and played violin conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini. Currently, Evelien works as a guest solo cellist with the Orquesta de la Ciudad de Granada. Evelien is also a deputy solo cellist with The Holland Symfonia and works freelance at Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and at the Dutch Chamber Orchestra. Her love for chamber music brought her into contact with musicians with whom she performed at festivals in Sicily, Italy, Switzerland, England, France and Japan. This summer, Evelien plays in different chamber music ensembles at the Klankkleur Festival, Peter the Great Festival, Grachten Festival Amsterdam (with the Alma Trio) and the Stift Festival.

Hebe Mensinga


Hebe Mensinga (1972) has been concertmaster of the Holland Symfonia Quintet, where they played with violinists Emmy Verheij, Philippe Graffin and Herman Krebbers. Hebe started with violin lessons at the age of eight with Coosje Wijzenbeek. After this, she studied with Wiktor Liberman at the School of Arts in Utrecht where she graduated cum laude in 1998. Hebe also studied with Yfrah Neaman in London and with Peter Matzka in Cologne and she participated in master classes with Herman Krebbers, Menahem Pressler, Rostropovich and Joseph Gingold.

Furthermore, Hebe is regularly guest concertmaster with orchestras such as the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra and the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Hebe played solo with orchestras such as Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Esterhazy Orchestra and the Helsinki Philharmonic Radio. In 2008, the Ulster Orchestrain Belfast invited her to perform the, specially written for her, violin concerto by Klaas de Vries. Hebe Mensinga has teamed with violinists as Emmy Verheij, Philippe Graffin and Herman Krebbers. With the latter she performed the Bach double concerto in the ConcertgebouwnAmsterdam. From 2003 to 2008 she was the majoring teacher on the Conservatory of Zwolle. She played in various chamber music ensembles, including the Delos Ensemble, with which she made tours through Syria, Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which won the Vriendenkrans’ Concertgebouw Prize. She regularly gives chamber music in various ensembles and plays a Jean Baptiste Vuillaume from 1867, made available by the National Music Fund.

Current information

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Momentos de Música – contact: Peter Neeteson

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Calle de Mila 15 – 17
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Momentos de Musica welcomes the wonderful Duo Aria

This month we are proud to welcome ‘Duo Aria’, this special duo consists of Lola Smolokowski (pianist) and Nadia Kashaeva (mezzo-soprano). Since the concert will take place inside of the beautiful Villa El Nido places are limited, which is why we chose to host two concerts in a row: on the 24th and the 25th of September. Some of you might remember Nadia’s wonderful performance last year, when Peter Neeteson accompanied her on the piano. This year she will perform in ‘Duo Aria’ and will be accompanied by Lola.

Lola Smolokowski

The video above shows footage of a performance Lola did in 2005, she played excerpts from Tchaikowsky Balets.

From an early age Lola was determined to learn Russian pianism, which is why she participated in various television kid talent shows and studied at the Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow.

When she turned 18 she moved to Europe to improve her skills even further. In those years she won awards in several competitions in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Performing with a symphonic orchestra is something she has always loved and during her years of studying at the Geneva Conservatory she found another passion: chamber music and accompaniment of vocalists.

Nadia Kashaeva

This performance is from Valentines day 2016, when Nadia performed love songs at the Javea Parador.

She is a multi-talented musician from Ukraine who performs musical, operetta, church music, baroque music and opera. In 2011 she received an honorary laureate at the “Vox Rotary”, a young opera singers competition in Lithuania, Latvia and Finland. She has a masters degree at the Lithuanian National Academy of Art and Music.

Her debut was in 2005, at the Klaipeda Music Theatre in the opera “The barber from Sevilla” from G. Rossini. Since then she has performed in numerous musicals, operas and operettas.

Concert information

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6 top- musicians on violin, viola, cello, bass, piano & oboe

An extraordinary group of top musicians are performing exclusively in Villa El Nido. We are proud to welcome Alexey Lundin, the first violinist of the Moscow Orchestra and Vsevolod Dvorkin on the piano, and the proud members of the Arteunita Ensemble from the Opera Orchestra of Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía Valencia; Iakov Zats (viola), Christopher Bouman (oboe), Yuri Golubev (doublebass) and Olga Kotchenkova (cello).

Plácido Domingo: “The quality of these musicians is exceptional. I am very enthusiastic about this group and I recommended them highly”

Here is an impression of an earlier concert at Villa El Nido.


Two piano concertos by two master-pianists on two grand pianos in Jávea.

Daniël Wayenberg (86) and young talent Martin Oei (20) will be performing the 2nd piano concerto of Chopin and the 2nd of Rachmaninov in Villa El Nido, Jávea.

22, 23 & 24 April is going to be special for classical music lovers in the Costa Blanca. Wayenberg & Oei, will perform in Villa El Nido on one stage, quatre-mains and solo, and together on 2  grand pianos playing the two major Piano Concertos (2nd Chopin and Rachmaninov 2nd) in one concert.

Fauré, Gabriel: Dolly suite op.56 : Berceuse, Mi-a-ou, Le jardin de Dolly, Kitty-valse, Tendresse, Le pas espagnol
(quatre mains)

Chopin, Frederic: Piano Concerto No. 2 opus 21 : I. Maestoso; II. Larghetto; III. Allegro vivace
(on 2 grand pianos)

Liszt, Franz: Selection from the Études d’exécution transcendentes
(Wayenberg solo)

Rachmaninov , Sergej: Pianoconcert no. 2 in c mineur, opus 18 : I. Moderato; II. Adagio sostenuto; lII. Allegro scherzando
(on 2 grand pianos)

wayenbergThe world-famous pianist Daniël Wayenberg (86) made his international breakthrough in 1949 and is considered one of the best pianists ever from the Netherlands. In his long career, Daniel played with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and many times with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam. Wayenberg and Martin Oei played together many concerts in sold out venues, as in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Regularly featured together with Martin Oei on Dutch television.

Martin Oei (20) started playing the piano at a young age from his tenth first time at the Young Musicians Academy Fontys Conservatory and from 2013 studying at the conservatory. At age 18, Martin had already recorded three CDs and (reconstructed by musicologist Cees Nieuwenhuizen) a world premiere at the “Beethoven Festival” in Bonn with the first performance of Beethoven’s FantasiaSonata. Won several awards (among others Pr. Christina Concours).

Wayenberg and Oei have been working together for several years and enjoy playing quatre mains, also in the presence of the Dutch Queen Maxima. Dutch master pianist Wayenberg and Martin Oei did a successful Costa Blanca concert tour in December 2014 performartin-met-nming in Dénia, Alicante, Jávea and Benidorm, after which the organizer Momentos de Música was overwhelmed with positive reactions. Wayenberg and Oei agreed to come back in April for a serie of intimate concerts exclusively at Villa El Nido in Jávea. The venue facilitates up to 50 guests indoors, however with good weather there is room for 75 guests in the garden. The shielded patio area near the pool provides a spacious setting to meet one another, including of course the talent.

The house and garden concerts in ”Villa El Nido” provide a stage for high-quality classical music and international musicians. The concert are characterized by a cozy and relaxed atmosphere where guest have a chance to meet & greet with the musicians and mingle as during intermission and after the concert. The concert feel like a day out; being served welcome drinks and a freshly prepared 5-course menu and open bar, everything is included in the concert ticket price. There seem to be quite some people enjoying the concept as Momentos de Música organized 10 concerts in Villa El Nido in 2015, most sold out.

Don’t miss out on this special day and visit for more info and ticket ordering. For questions call +34 634 979 620 or email

Momentos de Música – contact: Peter Neeteson

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Calle de Mila 15 – 17

03738 Xàbia / Jávea

+34 634 979 620

Matinee House Concerts 12 & 13 March 2016

Enjoying classical music with Momentos de Música

_DSF1621 (1)Two Russian top-musicians are playing the 12th and 13th of March at the Matinee House Concerts at “Villa El Nido” in Jávea with pianist Vsevolod Dvorkin from Milan and cellist Olga Kotchenkova from Berlin / Valencia (member of the renowned orchestra La Palau de la Reine Sofia / Opera Orchestra Valencia).

Momentos de Música is an initiative that started 1,5 years ago by Peter Neeteson, bringing together international music lovers in the house and garden of “Villa El Nido” in Jávea to enjoy good music together, complemented with fine wines and good food. The intimate setting of the villa creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where all nationalities are brought together with each other and can socialize with the musicians. Inside is space for up to 50 guests, for garden concert this goes up to around 80 guests. Momentos de Música organizes its concerts always with a meet
& greet with the musicians, while enjoying all-included food freshly prepared and served by the waiters, so no standing in line for a buffet. Did we mention the open bar?


Various renowned musicians have given concerts last year in the villa and on stage in the garden: last Spring a duo playing piano & cello (Dutchman Adrian van Dongen, attached to Conservatory Valencia together with Carlos Apellaniz), then an ensemble of seven musicians (violinists, cellist, bassist, harpist, clarinetist, flutist) from the renowned orchestra La Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia / Opera Orchestra of Valencia. In September 2015 a unique format where seven professional musicians from our region all took the stage for fifteen minutes each: piano-flute (Calpe) duet piano (Benidorm), guitar (Jávea), piano / organ-violin (Denia), piano / organ – mezzo soprano (Javea), piano / organ solo (Jávea).
Hosting a very beautiful concert by Trio Sefardo Espagnol (guitar, violin, mezzo-soprano), it’s typical Sephardic music which was very well received.
For more info see:

If you are interested in experiencing this special ambiance to enjoy classical music, go to the website and subscribe with your email address, you will receive newsletters with announcements of upcoming concerts by Momentos de Música.

Tickets are now available online for the matinee concerts on the 12th and 13th of March.
Welcome drinks from 14:00, the concert starts at 14:30.

Hindemith Solo Sonate Nr. 3, 1st part, Cello solo

Bach Prelude & Fugue Suite C minor, Cello solo;
Beethoven Sonata A dur, Cello & Piano
Schumann Novel Letta Fis Moll, piano solo

Träumerei Schumann, Cello & Piano;
Brahms Sonata F Dur, Cello & Piano

Приобщитесь к классической музыке вместе с Momentos de Música

Два известных русских музыканта играют 12 и 13 марта в зале Matinee House
Концерты на вилле El Nido в городе Хавеа: выступает пианист Всеволод Дворкин из Милана и виолончелистка Ольга Котченкова из Берлина/Валенсии (член известного оркестра Дворца искусств имени королевы Софии/Оперы Валенсии).

_DSF1621 (1)
Momentos de Música – это проект, начало которому было положено 1,5 года назад Петером Неетесоном для того, чтобы собрать вместе ценителей музыки из разных стран на вилле El Nido с садом в Хавее, чтобы в приятной компании наслаждаться хорошей музыкой в сопровождении изысканных вин и превосходных блюд. В уютном интерьере виллы, где царит расслабленная и приятная атмосфера, представители всех национальностей могут пообщаться друг с другом и с музыкантами. В зале виллы могут разместиться до 50 гостей, а в саду — до 80.
Momentos de Música всегда организует концерты с приемом, в ходе которого публика может пообщаться с музыкантами, и где свежеприготовленные блюда, входящие в стоимость билета, подаются официантами, так что гостям нет необходимости стоять в очереди в буфет. А о бесплатном баре мы упомянули?
В прошлом году многие известные музыканты дали концерты на вилле и на сцене в саду: прошлой весной здесь играл дуэт фортепиано и виолончели (голландец Адриан ван Донген, прикрепленный к Консерватории Валенсии вместе с Карлосом Апелланисом), затем — ансамбль из семи музыкантов (скрипки, вVsevolod-Dvorkin-H3B&Wиолончель, бас, арфа, кларнет, флейта) из знаменитого оркестра дворца искусств имени королевы Софии/Оперы Валенсии. В сентябре 2015 года состоялся концерт в уникальном формате, где семь профессиональных музыкантов из нашего региона выступали каждый в течение 15 минут: фортепиано-флейта (Кальп), фортепианный дуэт (Бенидорм), гитара (Хавеа), фортепиано/орган-скрипка (Дения), фортепиано/орган меццо-сопрано (Хавеа), фортепиано/органное соло (Хавеа).
Трио Sefardo Espagnol (гитара, скрипка, меццо-сопрано) также дало здесь великолепный концерт традиционной сефардской музыки, который был прекрасно принят аудиторией.
Для получения более подробной информации посетите сайт: 

Если вы желаете приобщиться к классической музыке в этой особой атмосфере, посетите сайт , оставьте свой адрес электронной почты и подпишитесь на новостные бюллетени с объявлениями о предстоящих концертах Momentos de Música.

Билеты на дневные концерты 12 и 13 марта можно приобрести онлайн уже сейчас.
Приветственные напитки подаются с 14:00, концерт начинается в 14:30.

Хиндемит, сольная соната №3, 1-я часть, для виолончели соло; Бах, прелюдия и фуга сюиты до-минор для виолончели соло;
Бетховен, соната ля-мажор для виолончели и фортепиано
Шуман, новелетта фа-диез минор для фортепиано соло; Шуман, фантазия для виолончели и фортепиано; Брамс, соната фа-мажор для виолончели и фортепиано

Video: Impression of Garden Concerts June -filmed from a drone

The Arteunita Ensemble, usually performing at the famous Opera House of Valencia, the Palau de les Arts Reine Sofia, visited Jávea for two Momentos de Música concerts. Two beautiful days with 160 people that came out to enjoy these 8 top-level musicians, filling the garden with romantic classical chamber music. Surrounded by truly beautiful acoustics we enjoyed various combinations of viola, violin, cello, bass, clarinet, flute and harp.


Of course the ensemble played The Swan by Saint-Saën on the cello and harp. The ambiance was something special, everything went quiet and still, with the exception of a bird or two that seem to hum along with the music coming from the garden. Sharing these types of moments with our many international guests accompanied by cava, wines and good food is what forms the base of Momentos de Música, a unique atmosphere that is becoming a phenomena here in the Costa Blanca.

Take a look at the video made with a drone flying over the garden during the concert:

During the event we had live recordings and interviews held with Peter and the musicians for the radio, you can enjoy the concerts and interviews here: “Momentos de Musica; classical music speaks any language!”   Newspapers The Costa Blanca Nachrichten, De Week and Hallo featured articles on the concerts.


Upcoming events

Momentos de Música is working on the preparations for two upcoming garden concert on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 September. A selection of 7 professional musicians will play in duo’s in a sort of mini-concert-parade format (don’t worry, will be explained in the next newsletter). This will include exciting combinations with Spanish guitar, transverse flute, violin, soprano, piano and organ.

End of October or beginning November we will organise two more garden concerts. From December to April we will move from the garden to indoors, for the more intimate house concerts seating up to 40 guests in Villa El Nido, like we did last year with the Dutch pianists Wayenberg & Oei. I am hoping to bring these two top-pianists back to Jávea in the summer of 2016 but this time for a garden concert.

More about the upcoming events will be communicated shortly via our newsletter. Sign-up on

Thanks for the ongoing enthusiasm and see you soon!

Musical regards,

Peter Neeteson – Momentos de Música






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