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“Matinee Concert” – Wouter Harbers and the Bach Quartet

  • Date: 19 november 2016
  • Location: Villa El Nido, Jávea
  • Venue: Matinee Concert - Wouter Harbers and the Bach Quartet

Last seats for Saturday 19 November. Sunday is SOLD OUT. 
“Matinee Concert in Villa El Nido, Jávea”
Wouter Harbers (piano) and the Bach Quartet (violin, viola and cello)

We are honored to present five highly qualified Dutch musicians: a pianist, two violinists, one violist and one cellist. They will perform a varied program including Bach and Chopin. The Dutch pianist Wouter Harbers will perform solo and with the Bach Quartet. Wouter will play solo the unique sounds of Chopin’s pieces. In the third Klavierconcert of Bach and the first Pianoconcert of Chopin, Wouter will perform with the Bach Quartet that will play the orchestra part. It will remind you of the previous Momentos de Música event with Daniel Wayenberg & Martin Oei where they performed the second Piano Concert of Chopin and the second of Rachmaninov on two grand pianos.
These two concerts at Momentos de Musica are part of a tour of 10 concerts with works by Bach and Chopin from July 2016 – March 2017.

See here for more info on Wouter HarbersRobert Cekov, Hebe Mensinga, Joel Waterman and Evelien Prakke.

Join us for a beautiful day at Villa El Nido. Welcome drinks from 14:00, the concert will start at 14:30. The concert will take place indoors, so seats are limited.



Bach – Klavierconcert – D, nr.3

 Chopin – Raindrop-prélude, Minute-walz, Nocturne in Bes, Nocturne in Es, Fantaisie-impromptu, Tristesse, Heroïc Polonaise


Chopin – First Pianoconcert in E


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 Sunday 18 December at 14:30hr.

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