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The Arensky Trio

  • Date: 11 maart 2017
  • Location: Villa El Nido, Jávea
  • Venue: The Arensky Trio

“Matinee Concert in Villa El Nido, Jávea”
The Arensky Trio

We are honored to present the ARENSKY TRIO, three highly qualified musicians:
Dutch violoncellist Adrian van Dongen and his Valencian colleague Carlos Apellániz (pianist), -they already perfomed in 2015 in El Nido-, now performing together with violinist Lelia Jancovici (Opera Orchestra Valencia).


The Arensky Trio will perform trio music of Beethoven (Ghost), Turina and Mendelssohn. 

Carlos will perform also piano solo: Liszt, La Campanella; Granados, Danza Andalucía and the virtuoso Allegro de Concierto.

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The concert will start at 14:30 and includes two sets of 45 minutes with a pause of 30 minutes. You are welcome from 14:00 until 18:00, which includes a meet & greet after the concert.

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 Saturday 11 March at 14:30hr.
 Sunday 12 March at 14:30hr.

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