Momentos de Musica


Vicent Giner, organ

Josep Vicent Giner is an organ and harpsichord player born in Denia. He studied with
teachers Rynko Ottes, Javier Artigues, Josep Mª Mas i Bonet and Michael Radulescu. He finished his studies of high level with the highest marks, among them, a special award at the end of the degree, the academic grade “Magister Artium” of the University of Vienna with the qualification “cum laude“ and the award “Premi al Mèrit Artístic del Ministeri de Ciència i Cultura Austríac”.

He regularly offers concerts in the Iberian Peninsula as well as Europe, both as organ and harpsichord player with programmes of renaissance, baroque, romantic, chamber and contemporary music (playing for the first time works of Amando Blanquer, Gordon Lawson and Josef Lammerz). As visitor teacher he teaches seminars and courses of interpretation. He is organ professor for organ at the Conservatory in Valencia. Well knowned as profesor del Conservatorio de València and director artístico de Dénia Clàssics and the Festival d’Orgue de Pedreguer.