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Lola Rasulova

The USSR-born pianist Lola Rasulova studied and taught piano for over 20 years, first in Moscow, then in Geneva, Switzerland. Her craft, as a pianist, was shaped under the influence of the great Soviet School of pianism. Her first years of piano studying were in Uspensky Music School for Gifted Children, in Tashkent. At 17, in Moscow, Lola graduated from the notorious Gnessin Specialized School for Gifted Children  – an alma-mater for today’s greatest names in piano.

Upon graduation, she continued studying in Geneva State Conservatory, where she discovered a new passion – helping young children make their first steps at piano playing, and getting them acquainted with classical music in general.

As with most professional musicians, Lola’s favourite musical activity is performing with an orchestra. Since her first performances as a soloist, at the age of 14, until the present day, she has been captivated by the process of the on stage collaboration of nearly 70 people, each contributing to the perfect harmony, and led by the soloist. Her project “Home Orchestra” is unique, using her own short arrangements of the most popular classical works.

The essence of her method is performing the main theme on the piano while symphonic orchestra plays the accompaniment, together producing the genuine reproduction of the piece. Orchestra accompaniment has been recorded live by the “Orquesta Reino de Aragon”, conducted by famous Spanish conductor Ricardo Casero and composed of musicians of “Palau de Musica” of Valencia.

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